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First visit to Publix Supermarket - Part Three - Orlando / Florida Guide

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First visit to Publix Supermarket - Part Three

Here is the third and final part of shopping at Publix supermarket, in part two I finished with the vast beer selection, and typical says the wife!

After the beer it’s onto the fridge and freezer section, I know this sounds pretty boring right now but wait till you get there unlike in the UK in Florida there seems to be a big thing of frozen meals now frozen meals are not my thing but if you need to eat in a hurry they are quite good, and along with the meals there is a dessert section

If you have a sweet tooth and like desserts etc. then the choice is amazing from double chocolate gateau to apple strudel, turtle or Key lime pie, there could be heaven for someone who love there deserts but wait till you get around the corner and see what’s next

Around the corner you will come to the Ice Cream isle, now I like ice cream in fact I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t like ice cream and I like a choice in my ice cream but the choice in publix is something else

Americans obviously like lots of different and some would say even weird flavours like soft cookie dough and I have to say it is ice cream heaven, not only are there so many flavours but you get to choose from lots of different manufactures

Speciality manufacturers such as Hagan Das and my own favourite Ben and Jerry’s make some wonderful weird flavours we always come away with 2 or 3 flavours in fact normaly every person in our party gets to choose his own flavour

For the healthy people among us Publix do their very own brand of sorbet in a number of flavours and I can tell you after having tried them all that they are yummy, normally I am not a fan of sorbets but the Publix ones are great, a nice refreshing change from ice cream.

The last and final thing that I like about shopping at Publix supermarket is the customer service, there is always someone to help you pack your bags. I know some UK supermarkets offer this service on occasions. the assistants actually want to help you not only that they will also help you take your shopping to the car and put the shopping in the boot of your car if you want, yep you heard it right they will help you take the shopping to the car park and put it in your car for you, that’s what I call service!
Over all I rate Publix as the best supermarket in Florida for all these reasons be sure to try it on your next visit to the sunshine state.

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