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Florida Trips Guide - Travelling - Page 19

Indirect flights - Well worth the saving

When setting out your budget and looking at options to fly to Florida many people look to fly direct, without really taking much time to view the options for indirect flights. An indirect flight as the name suggests does not go direct, but uses a mai...
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The Interstate 95 Express in Miami

The Interstate 95 is a fast and very busy road, which connects Fort Lauderdale to Miami. When travelling from Orlando, via the Turnpike, to Miami Airport it is the road which joins the Turnpike. During peak hours it can become grid-locked, so a new E...
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The Dodge Caravan – Mini van (MPV)

During a recent trip to Florida we decided to have a change from renting the usual SUV (4x4) and thought we would give one of the newer generation Mini Vans a try, known as people movers in the UK. We decided to rent our vehicle from Alamo. <...
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The Toyota Sienna

This year whilst vacationing in Orlando we were to be joined by both my in-laws and my own parents, bringing our total party size up to 8. As both sets of parents are now elderly neither of them wished to drive so this presented me with the challenge...
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Our Outward Journey

After months of preparation and anticipation our journey is about to begin. Everything has been done, flights booked journey planned and Park tickets bought. These days although Birmingham is our closest airport we tend to fly from Manche...
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The Reconstruction of the Florida Turnpike’s Plazas

The Florida Turnpike was first built in the 1950’s and by the time it was completed it covered 312 miles through Central Florida, down to Miami and north to Okahumpka. Although its eight plazas have been updated over the years, they were ...
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The Royal Palm Lounge, Sanford International Airport

Whenever you fly to Orlando on a charter airline you will land at Sanford International Airport, rather than Orlando International Airport (MCO). This small airport was built to accommodate the British charter airlines and is located just north of th...
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How to get to Key West

The Florida Keys is a one hundred and twenty mile island chain and is linked to mainland Florida by U. S. 1, the Overseas Highway. I estimate the driving time from Miami to US1 is approx one hour. Some people only want to go to the Upper Keys so this...
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Surviving the journey to Orlando

This has to be the most stressful part of any holiday, but is especially so now with all the extra security Before you even leave home there are some things you must do if you are travelling to anywhere in the United States. First, you must fi...
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Flying to Florida with US Airways – Part 4

As a special birthday treat my husband and I are flying out to Fort Lauderdale with US Airways, via Charlotte, to pick up a Caribbean cruise. Boarding complete, our aircraft is hurtling down the runway. We are seated right by the engine, and ...
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Flying to Fort Lauderdale with US Airways – Part 2

As a special birthday treat my husband and I are flying out to Florida to pick up a Caribbean cruise. We normally visit our beautiful home, but this time we can only fit in a short trip. We have booked flights with US Airways, from Gatwick to...
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Flying to Florida with US Airways – Part 1

I have recently celebrated a special birthday and so my husband decided that we would visit Florida and go on a Caribbean cruise as a special treat. We normally visit our lovely home in Orlando, but this time we could only manage a short trip. Viewed 5059 times.

Cruising - What Happens if I Become Ill?

Nobody wants to consider the possibility of either illness or injury whilst on holiday, but on a cruise ship it is certainly reassuring that there is a medical facility just an elevator away. In fact, Princess is the first cruise line to have achieve...
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Flying to Tampa with British Airways – Part 1 Airports, x-rays and big breakfasts

The sun is peeping through the curtains and as I drift into wakefulness I remember that today we are flying off to Florida – whoopee! I can’t help it, even now when we don’t have children to travel with I still wake up with a huge sense of excitement...
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History Of New York JFK Airport

If you fly to Florida with an American carrier such as Delta, then you may well fly into John F Kennedy Airport, or JFK as it is more usually known. Originally known as Idlewild Airport, it later became Major General Alexander E Anderson Airport – qu...
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Travelling with a toddler - buggies and car seats.

When travelling with a toddler you need to consider the question of the buggy / stroller. Even the most energetic child who is considered a “good walker” will get tired walking around the theme parks and child transportation of some sort is e...
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Travelling with a toddler - the journey.

We have been travelling to Florida and in particular to Orlando for over 20 years now. Our boys took their first trip aged 9 and 7, but this year, for the first time, we are going to be travelling with a toddler – and that takes some planning! Viewed 4895 times.

New York JFK Airport

John F Kennedy International Airport was, of course, named after the famous President of the 1960’s, who was, sadly, assassinated on November 22nd, 1963. Originally named ‘New York International Airport, ’ it was renamed in memory of the late preside...
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Florida’s State Roads

When visiting Florida you will notice on your map or Satellite Navigation system that many routes are signified as ‘State’ roads. These are the roads maintained by the Florida Department of Transportation or a toll authority. State Roads, usually abb...
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Cruising – Hiring a Car in Cozumel

One of the most interesting parts of a cruise is deciding what you want to see when your ship arrives in port. You can, of course, play safe and go with a tour organized by your cruise company, but Cozumel is one port where you can easily hire a car ...
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