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Using the Alamo and National Kiosks for Express Pickup

An Alamo car hire kioskAlamo and National Car Hire offer computerised kiosks in many key locations for your car hire collection. This is available in many Florida Car Rental locations as well as other larger car hire depots throughout the USA. These are also known as 'Choice' locations as they allow you to take your pick of car from the parking lot (unlike most other providers that allocate you a car without any input from you).

Using the kiosks is very easy and can save you a lot of time as you will not have to queue up at the desk. If you want to familiarise yourself with the kiosks before you travel, see our online guide here.

When you arrive at the car hire depot, do not enter the line at the desk. Instead, just go to one of the several kiosks that are available just in front of the Alamo or National car hire desk, as appropriate. The system is operated by way of a touch screen. Touch the screen to get started, and then simply follow the easy instructions.

You will be prompted for your Alamo or National reservation number, details of additional drivers and offered various optional extras. The beauty of using the car rental kiosk is that you can decline any optional extras without pressure from a member of staff. Optional extras are items such as GPS, car upgrades and enhanced roadside assistance.

Once you have completed the process, your rental agreement documents will be printed. Take your documents across to the parking lot and choose any hire car you like the look of from those in the category you have booked. Each car will have a set of keys in the driver's side door, so pick the car you like, jump in and drive off!

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