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Florida Trips Guide - Travelling - Page 2


A cosmopolitan city teeming with café culture, world-class restaurants and history, Copenhagen is also one of the most eco-friendly cities in the world. Design, fashion and architecture are evident in on every street corner and culinary delights ensu...
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It is home to some of the country’s most romantic cities – Florence, Pisa and Siena – and the surrounding countryside is among the most visited in Italy. This central Italian region is known for its hilltop villages, cathedrals (often filled with wor...
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Luxury Train Journeys through Spain

El Transcantabrico Considered the closest thing to a luxury cruise ship on rails, El Transcantabrico is one of the finest long-haul trains in the world. In service for over 30 years, it is also S...
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Greek Islands - Part 2

Just across the water is Kimolos, where every restaurant is family-run and the coastline is filled with colourful fishermen’s houses stacked up like jewels. Stay in Messa Kastro, built around a Game of Thrones-style castle, and chill on the white san...
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Greek Islands - Part 1

If you spend all year dreaming of sitting on a beach with your toes in the sand and a book propped on your lap – be it a prizewinner or a ‘forget it once it’s finished’, summer read – then these are the islands for you. Corfu – already a literary sta...
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Brussels - Prt 1

As the nerve centre of the European Union, Brussels is a truly cosmopolitan city. Once designated as the “Cultural Capital of Europe”, you’ll find that Belgium’s capital continues to live up to that accolade. Enjoy this city’s numerou...
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India - Ooty

From nature walks in gardens that makes one wonder whether Paradise, as depicted in scriptures of various cultures, have actually been derived from such sensory experiences to relaxing over a cup of tea from the tea plantations dotting the hillside, ...
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India - Goa

Did you think Goa is all about the beaches? Then you’re in for a major surprise, because from jungle treks to plantation tours, Goa has everything. From Majorda to Amboli, Goa is the biggest surprise package when it comes to tourism. ...
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Once a quiet village, Pattaya nestled on Thailand’s eastern Gulf coast is today a bustling hub. Pattaya tour packages are famous for its beaches, nightlife and temples, shopping malls and resort hotels, and it lures travelers from across the globe. T...
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Bangkok is always among the world’s top tourist destinations. The city is a true tourist paradise, proved by the growing number of travelers coming each year. Besides the city itself, Bangkok is also surrounded by many interesting provinces worth vis...
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The name resonates with the idea of royalty, which would be quite evident once you reach this land of diverse historical richness, intriguing cuisine and beaches, and mountains to sweep you off your feet. Turkey’s history dictates a c...
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India - Kerela

Located across the southern tip of India, the Kerala is one of the most picturesque and beautiful Indian states that offers ample of opportunities for enjoyment to the tourists. In fact, Kerala has been termed as one of the thirteen paradises on Eart...
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Winter in Madrid - Part 2

The sports calendar also becomes attractive: Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will face each other up to three times in just a month period time, as they will play on January 7th and 13th to reach the next phase on the Copa del Rey tournament, while t...
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Winter in Madrid - Part 1

We already left Autumn and we welcome a new season. A new year is starting as winter spreads its cold all around the city, as this is the coolest time of the year in Madrid gets ready with news in its events calendar and places get ready for a new se...
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Cyprus Outdoor activities

Cyprus might be better known for its beaches, but there is actually an array of outdoor activities to enjoy. For those with an adventurous streak, here’s how to get your pulse racing while admiring the beautiful countryside. Viewed 997 times.

Istanbul - Part 2

The magical waters of the Bosporus divide the city between the romantic ideals of Europe and the intoxicating hubbub of Asia. Along these shimmering shores mighty empires have risen and fallen, palaces have crumbled, myths born and voyages begun. Wit...
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Amsterdam Metropolitan Area - Part 1

THE AMSTERDAM METROPOLITAN AREA lies to the north of the Randstad and encompasses the city of Amsterdam and the Dutch provinces of North Holland and Flevoland. The area has a total population of over 2 million inhabitants. The Amsterdam Metropolitan ...
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Islands with a Difference – Part 2

RAJA AMPAT, INDONESIA This island is situated in some of the world’s best diving waters and has an area of 46, 000sq km. Raja Ampat means Four Kings, which is deceptive seeing as ...
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Islands with a Difference – Part 1

Over the years I have come across many islands for some reason I would class as different. They may be UNESCO listed dots in some of the world’s hardest to reach corners but there are also some interesting islands you’ve probably heard of but really ...
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Great Stones Way, Wiltshire - Part 3

Our plan for day two was STROLL AROUND IN PEWSEY. We continued south, walking across rolling farmland on the way to the Vale of Pewsey. The Alton Barnes White Horse detour is to be recommended at this point. Then continue by following a part of the m...
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