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Florida Trips Guide - Water Parks - Page 1

Blizzard Beach...a history.

Disney opened Typhoon Lagoon in 1985 as a sister park to the rather more homespun (and now defunct) River Country. Despite the extra capacity that this second water park created the public were still hungry for more and on high days and h...
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Typhoon Lagoon Refurbished Part 4

After our visit to Shark Reef the girls and Grandad decided they wanted to go to the Wave Pool. At the very edge of this little ones with their parents can paddle but of course the girls wanted to spend time further in bobbing about in the waves and ...
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TyPhoon Lagoon Refurbished Part 3

Once we get to our seating area we organise ourselves and then go straight for a leisurely ride on the Lazy River which goes around the outside of the Park, this is a very safe area with lifeguards situated all around. Lazy River never lo...
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Typhoon Lagoon Refurbished Part 2

Lockers are available for rental at Typhoon Lagoon and are a good idea particularly if all the family want to go on rides together this will avoid your leaving items unattended by your loungers. We always take our own towels but I know you can get th...
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Typhoon Lagoon Refurbished Part 1

Over recent years we had always gone to Blizzard Beach as our favourite Water Park but when we visited in March it was closed for refurbishment so we decided to go to Typhoon Lagoon. We had a late flight back on a Saturday night and as my...
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