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Typhoon Lagoon Refurbished Part 2 - Orlando / Florida Guide

Florida Guide > Water Parks

Lockers are available for rental at Typhoon Lagoon and are a good idea particularly if all the family want to go on rides together this will avoid your leaving items unattended by your loungers. We always take our own towels but I know you can get these at the Park. I thought they used to charge for these but I noticed as I left last time there were big bins for you to put your used towels in so it may well be they are free now.

You will find the Map at the entrance very useful for deciding where you want to go to sit. I noticed on our last visit there was also a board giving an indication of where there was space still available to sit. Obviously, if you can, Park opening is the best time to go we usually send the girls on ahead of us with the towels to get the loungers. For the 5 of us we usually try to get three loungers and two chairs as Mom and I prefer to sit on the chairs. During the long summer days the Park usually stays open later and you will find many people start leaving the Park about 3 or 4pm to go to other parks for the evening so this also can be a good time to arrive and get seats.

A welcome addition at the Park since our last visit is a board displaying the opening times for all the other Disney Parks. Also new here is a board displaying the times of the days events at Disney parks, ie Disney Parade, Illuminations, Fantasmic etc.

We usually try to sit in the Blustery Bay area near the entrance to the Bay we can watch the waves here and it also tends to be a bit cooler. The Surf Report Board gives you the water temperature for the Park as well as the days expected temperatures. Also on this board you will find the times for the Bobbing Wave as well as the Surf Wave.

It is advisable to wear footwear in the Park not only to protect your feet from anything sharp but also you may find the heat on the walkways unbearable to walk on. You just need to remember that whatever you wear they are going to get wet! Mom and I usually wear sandals and the girls sand shoes. The latter you can buy for Walmarts or Publix before you go because they are cheaper there but if you wish to there is also a good selection to be found in the shops at the Park.

More about our visit on Part 3.

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