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Florida Trips Guide - Hints and Tips - Page 2

Collecting and Returning Your Car to Miami International Airport

When you arrive after an International, or Domestic flight, you will pass through the Baggage Claim area, and exit the main Arrivals area into a very busy thoroughfare. Unlike Orlando International Airport, there is only one baggage reclaim, so i...
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Drive Safely - Hints and Tips

As you already know, Americans drive on the 'wrong' side of the road. The times when you are more likely to make a mistake with this are when you are tired, when you first set off in the morning and when you are turning or pulling out of a driveway o...
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Useful Florida Driving Tips

Always stay on the RIGHT of the road. Florida law requires safety belts for all front passengers, regardless of age. Children 5 years of age and younger MUST be secured in child restraint devices, children 3 years of age and younge...
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