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Florida Trips Guide - Accommodation - Page 1

Kempinski Hotel, Doha

The palatial Marsa Malaz Kempinski set the tone for what is an extravagant stay. eyes wandered across the museum-worthy array of sculptures, artworks and intricate chandeliers – just some of the hotel’s 3, 000-strong collection. Viewed 2222 times.

Tibbals Learning Centre, Ringling Museum, Sarasota

One of the most fascinating parts of the Ringling Museum is the Tibbals Learning Centre. Upstairs are various displays of the circus from early days to Cirque Soleil where you can even see Buffalo Bill’s gloves and an old black and white film of the ...
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Daytona Speedway Track

On our annual vacation to our villas this year we were keen to see some less obvious aspects of Florida. On our way in to Daytona Beach, we passed the famous Daytona International Speedway track. Having acquired a taste for racing at the...
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Why do owner's own?

Why do owner’s own? Briefly I will explain the legal side of owning a property in Florida which the owner wishes to be available for rental on a week-by-week basis; this is known as a Short Term Rental (STR). Each county in Florida, and t...
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Summer days out at Lowry Zoo

There is nothing like a good zoo for a belting family day out and you will be glad to know that Tampa has one. The zoo in Tampa is called Lowry Park and it is a non profit making organisation, so well worth supporting. They ha...
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Ponce De Leon

Ponce de Leon was the explorer from Spain who discovered Florida. We all know that, but what else is there to learn about this man? Ponce (what an unfortunate name! ) was born in 1474 in Vallodolid. He was part of an aristocratic and infl...
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What do you need when booking a villa

There are so many villas on offer at all sorts of price ranges offering all sorts of different amenities. So what do YOU want in yours. The first thing to consider is the needs of each member of your party. 1. If you have a baby then you...
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A Weekend in Chicago

My niece lives outside Chicago and so on a recent trip to the USA to our villas we decided to go to see her for a weekend. The flight from Orlando International takes around 2 ½ hours and cost £155 each. We stayed in the Club Quarters hotel for 2 nig...
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Flying to Florida with US Airways Part 3

We are flying out to Fort Lauderdale via Charlotte with US Airways, on our way to pick up a cruise for my special birthday. September 3rd, 2010 8. 50 am The boarding gate fills up with people, and we sit and wait for our flight to be c...
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A Stroll around Celebration Lake

We have been visiting central Florida for a number of years now and had often past the Celebration water tower on US192 with hardly a second glance. Until earlier this year we had absolutely no idea what Celebration village had to offer and w...
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Vista del Lago - The Perfect Location

Vista del Lago is a beautiful tree-lined manufactured home resort located in a prime position less than 5 miles west of Disney. Set around several natural lakes and reserves, the resort is close enough to be right in the heart of the magic but is pea...
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The Old Fish Restaurant.

The Old Fish Restaurant is in Cocoa Beach Causeway and is a simple unpreposessing restaurant with a tasty menu at reasonable prices. This is the home of the ' all you can eat Blue Crab' feast. This costs $28 per person and comes with corn fri...
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Sunset Ridge

Sunset Ridge Sunset Ridge is a small gated community about ½ mile South of the intersection of the I-4 and the US 27. The community cannot be seen from the US27 so the conveniently located Outpost 27 Tourist Information Centre, with its distin...
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Renting a car for the first time in Florida

You may have heard horror stories about American car rental companies, so let me give you some very useful information to set your mind at rest. When booking a rental car for your holiday always book it from the UK. The price will be much, mu...
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Boggy Creek Airboats in Florida

If you cannot make the long journey down to the Everglades, but would love to experience the thrill of an air boat ride, why not try the next best way at Bogey Creek. There are two Boggy Creeks, one near Orlando International Airport and the other a...
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Palm Beach County

Although our beautiful villa is in Orlando, and we visit it regularly, we have become very familiar with the Miami area of Florida as a result of our daughter working in Boca Raton for a year, as part of her UK degree course. On our numerous visits t...
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