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Flying to Fort Lauderdale with US Airways – Part 2 - Orlando / Florida Guide

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As a special birthday treat my husband and I are flying out to Florida to pick up a Caribbean cruise. We normally visit our beautiful home, but this time we can only fit in a short trip.

We have booked flights with US Airways, from Gatwick to Fort Lauderdale and after an overnight stay in a hotel we are woken by the sound of the alarm. Its time to get up and get going!

Friday, September 3rd 5. 30 am

It’s still dark but we quickly wake ourselves up. Having laid out all our flying clothes the night before, in no time at all we are ready, and impatiently waiting at the door of the hotel for the shuttle. There are two more couples waiting and we all peer expectantly out of the door as we wait for the vehicle to arrive. It is now 6. 00 am and we are pleased to see the minibus draw in to the car park.

Luggage loaded, we are on our way to the South Terminal. The sun is rising and it’s going to be a beautiful day. How lucky we are to be flying across the Atlantic on such a wonderful day. We arrive at the terminal, collect a luggage trolley and wheel it across to the check in desk. We already have our boarding cards and a pleasant young man completes the process. The suitcases are tagged, and off they go down the conveyor belt – I trust they will get there safely as all of my cruise clothes are in my suitcase and it would be a bit of a disaster if they went astray!

We go straight through security, where I manage to set the alarms off as usual, necessitating a full ‘pat down. ’ I even have to remove my shoes. Thankfully, the lady who does it is very pleasant and puts me at my ease. I seem to always set the alarms off, so I was half expecting it. My husband is luckier and passes straight through. All checks finished we head for breakfast at our favourite venue.

We sit at a table near the window where we can see the ‘planes arriving and departing, and order our meal. It’s amazing how quickly time passes. After a final cup of tea we make our way to the central area and, leaving our hand luggage with my husband, I trot round the shops, buying water and something to read on the ‘plane. The gate comes up on the board and we walk down the corridors until we can see our ‘plane waiting for us.

It’s an Airbus A330, in the blue livery of US Airways. It won’t be long before we will be boarding, and I am already feeling so excited!

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