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Flying to Florida with US Airways – Part 1 - Orlando / Florida Guide

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I have recently celebrated a special birthday and so my husband decided that we would visit Florida and go on a Caribbean cruise as a special treat. We normally visit our lovely home in Orlando, but this time we could only manage a short trip.

We found great flights with US Airways, via Charlotte to Fort Lauderdale on the Atlantic coast. Even if you are staying in Orlando, it is an easy drive up on the Florida Turnpike from this airport. So here is our trip report.

Thursday, September 2nd am.

The alarm wakes me up from a deep sleep. I groan and turn over but I soon remember that today is the day we are going to Florida! Having just returned from 4 days in Madrid with my daughter, and having driven back from Heathrow at 1. 00 am it is not surprising I am tired, but the thought of the day ahead soon wakes me up, and, as my husband gets ready for work, I strip off the bed and dash downstairs to put the bedding in the washer. I have a lot to do today as I must wash and iron all the clothes I took with me to Spain, as well as making sure the house is spic and span before we leave. Oh, and I mustn’t forget to do online check in!

I start on the house like a whirling dervish, and it is soon 9. 40. and time to check in. I log onto the internet and find that the site is very easy to navigate, and soon I am printing off our boarding cards. It’s so exciting, thinking that in 8 hours we will be on our way to Gatwick. The day disappears in a flash, the cases are packed ready in the hall, the washing is finally finished and there is a last load in the tumble drier when my husband arrives home. He does a few last minute checks, stows the luggage and turns off the water. We are ready at last! I sit back in the car seat and begin to relax.

The journey is quick and we arrive at our overnight hotel in an hour and 10 mins – luckily we left at 6. 30 pm and missed the traffic jams on the M25. We drag the suitcases inside, and go straight to the restaurant to have something to eat. I love this time – everything is ready and all we have to do is try to get to sleep. It' s like holding the promise of this holiday in my hand for just a minute before I must open my fingers and allow it all to happen. Fully replete we return to our room to lock the suitcases and put on the straps.

After a quick shower we settle down – mustn’t forget to set the alarm for tomorrow – even though we are checked in, we like to get to the airport early – so it’s a 5. 00 am start for us. The shuttle is booked for 6. 00 am so that should give us plenty of time. Surprisingly, I fall asleep quickly and it seems like only a nano-second has passed before the alarm wakes us.

We have already done on-line check in so we will have plenty of time before our flight, so we can go through security and relax with our usual breakfast.

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