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Sweet Tomatoes ... I-Drive - Orlando / Florida Guide

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Sweet Tomatoes

About half way up I-Drive is a great restaurant called Sweet Tomatoes. If you need to find it on your GPS system, it is often listed under pizzeria, however, don’t let that fool you. When you walk in you are immediately faced with a decision … go to the right or the left. Grab a tray, it doesn’t matter, they are both the same.

Sweet Tomatoes is an all you care to eat style buffet, however, this is done with a certain aspect of healthy about it.

The initial selection is from a massive salad bar, with a great selection of salads to choose from. Some of the salads are die hard favourites, that are always going to feature, however, there is always a selection seasonal variations to allow you to mix things up. Once you have worked your way along the salad bar, you will then pay for your meal and choose your drink (they do have a choice of bottled drinks just before the drink, but you can also get a cup to use the soda fountain/coffee pots/etc).

Depending on how busy the restaurant is, you can either then seat yourself or you are directed to a seat. Be warned, however, the salad bar is only round one! !

Once seated, you can then go and return to various stations as often as you would like. There is a selection of fresh fruits. Another station features soups and kettle chilli which are made fresh from scratch each day. With a bakery on hand, there is an excellent section of bakery goods, breads, muffins, pizza and bread sticks. As if this wasn’t enough, they also have a selection of pasta dishes to choose from. The nice thing about all of these different stations and dishes is that you will often be able to watch the various dishes being made from scratch right at the station, they are always fresh and they are being well monitored for freshness and hygiene.

Full yet? I hope not, did I not mention the desert selection? Well, are you going to choose a chilled custard, be good with more fresh fruit or go straight to the soft serve machine with the topping bar. Well let’s face facts, you can’t be good all the time!

Sweet Tomatoes is a definite family favourite, everyone able to choose what they would like or not. Plenty of variety to satisfy everyone and a great range of varied selections to make it worth going back. The restaurant is well served, so tables are always kept clean and fresh and the staff have a great attitude. It is not a cheap buffet option, compared to what you may imagine a buffet may be, however the quality speaks for itself.

Looking forward to going back? You bet we are! ! !

There are other Sweet Tomatoes locations throughout Florida and we have not been disappointed by any we have visited.

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