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To coin a phrase from the old Supertramp hit record, let’s look at “Breakfast in America” or on this case “Breakfast in Florida”!

Breakfast in Florida is certainly an event; it may take the form of an “all you can eat” buffet or a sit down, full service meal. What ever you choose the portions are usually huge, so let’s explore your options.

You may be offered eggs “any style”, this means you can choose poached, boiled, fried, scrambled or in some cases even an omelette, but be aware you may be asked to qualify your choice, for example, fried eggs could be sunny side up or over easy, medium or hard, this means they will be flipped over and cooked on both sides with the yolk done to the consistency you prefer. If you choose scrambled eggs, in some establishments they will offer eggbeaters as a healthy alternative.

Omelettes usually come with a choice of fillings, ham, cheese, peppers and onions are all popular options and if you ask for cheese you will often be given a choice of several different flavours. Bacon is not the back bacon cut which you might expect to find, but it is usually the streaky variety and cooked to a crisp. If you are looking for more of an English style, try Canadian bacon or even ham.

Most breakfast options will be accompanied by potato such as hash browns or country style potatoes and the presentation varies from one establishment to another. Sausages are served link style or in patties which resemble a small hamburger. American sausages are different in texture from their UK counterparts as they are firmer, but equally flavoursome.

Pancakes and waffles are often served with whipped cream and fruit and are always accompanied by maple syrup. These are delicious and strangely are commonly served with a breakfast meat of sausage or bacon.

Toast throws up a whole host of further selections. White, wheat or rye or an English muffin may be offered. Do not order an English muffin expecting to receive anything like you would get in the UK, rather, it is a cross between bread and a crumpet, having said that, they are delicious and don’t forget to ask for jelly and not jam as an accompaniment.

In addition to all the above, yoghurt, cereals and fruit are all readily available and not to forget muffins, this time the US variety which are sweet sponge type cakes in any number of flavours, blueberry, chocolate chip, apple and cinnamon to name but a few.

Beverages, tea coffee, and sodas will usually involve free refills, but fruit juice will be charged by the glass in most restaurants.

There are many different restaurants offering breakfast, Bob Evans and Cracker Barrel offer family, country style breakfasts whilst Denny’s gives the American Diner type experience. If it’s an all you can eat buffet you are looking for then why not try Golden Corral or for the ultimate Disney experience a character breakfast?

These are just a few of the choices available to no doubt you will soon find your own favourite.

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