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When you visit Hollywood Studios, (that is the old MGM studios with a new name) You must make sure that you schedule in a visit to this show. Apart from Fantasmic, which was absolutely amazing, this was the part of the visit that we enjoyed the most. It really does appeal to people of all ages and is as slick and professional as any of the shows that you will see in a theme park.

We have always enjoyed action films and The Italian Job has always been a favourite so we really enjoyed the spectacle and skill of the stunt drivers in this show as well as getting some insight into some of the tricks of the trade.

The show has several scenes involving car chases around “a village in France” and these are filmed and then quickly edited into a final film. The story is that the red car is being chased by a group of black cars and the spins, reversals at high speed, the jumps over gaps using lorries as ramps are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

To add to the excitement there are also scenes using motorbikes and jet skis on the section of “river” between the audience and the show. The most spectacular individual part is a bike crash into fire! The worst pun is when “Herbie” gets split in two.

Although the cars look like very ordinary small cars they have actually been completely stripped and re-built with the engines in the centre for better balance. I won’t spoil the secret of how they manage to drive them so quickly in reverse. Even when you know some of the tricks you are still left in awe of the skills and courage of the drivers – and of course they do the hair-raising stunts two or three times a day!

The set is adjusted several times during the show and in the interludes there are explanations and some audience participation but everything is not always as it seems.

We visited on quite a quiet Sunday but the arena was full for the show so on a busy day it would be a good idea to get there in good time and probably to go for the first show of the day as it is definitely the top day time attraction and you can’t use a fast pass to get in.

This is one of the shows that will give you plenty to talk about after it has finished and we were certainly very pleased that we had seen it.

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