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Disney FASTPASS + - Orlando / Florida Guide

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For many years Disney has operated a very good free FASTPASS system where you are able to get tickets for the more popular rides and bypass the main queues. The system worked well and helped people plan their day around some of the more popular rides and shows. The limitations with the old FASTPASS system was you could only book tickets at the ride itself and then return at a later time (often not at your choice) and you were only allowed to get one ticket at a time. This often meant being stuck when you could visit the ride.

Disney realised that with most people having smart phones they could move their FASTPASS system onto an APP. Hence the creation of FASTPASS +. By creating the new system, Disney were looking to improve the FASTPASS experience to their guests and allow them to plan their day before they arrive at the park.

Once downloaded using the APP is very easy. At first you have to register your passes on line, once this is done you can then link the tickets into the FASTPASS + system. As long as you have the park ticket code number (on the ticket itself) you are able to register the ticket. This then allows you to book up to 3 rides in one day before you arrive at the park. The way this is done is you tick the 3 rides you would like to go on and the system selects 6 different choices for times and order. You then pick the choice and times you want to go on the rides. If a time is not available it won’t be shown in your choices.

Because the system allows people to now book their FASTPASS + up to 1 month before they plan to visit the park, it now pays to book your choices as early as possible, leaving it closer to the day often means the times are either not available or timings are not what you might want. By booking your FASTPASS + early allows people to better plan heir day at the parks, which ultimately saves time and frustration on the day. All you do to go on the ride is to either place your card or wrist band (normally given to those staying at Disney hotels or bought at the park) on the scan machine before going on the ride. As you are given a full hour to ride, this for most is enough time to allow flexibility.

If you have been to Disney before and used the old FASTPASS system, you will be very impressed with the new system. Not only does it improve on a very good system, it also allows you to plan your day around your FASTPASS rides. As long as you register your tickets well in advance and don’t leave it until the last minute the system works really well. Where it could loose some of the shine is when you leave it until the last minute and there are no times left in the day for the main rides. This should not be the case should you book them in advance from a reputable park ticket company that can deliver your tickets to your home before you depart.

All in all I would highly recommend the new Disney FASTPASS + system. If you are pro active and register the tickets you can really make the most of your day at the parks, in peak periods this is very important. Added to this the system is totally free and included in your Disney park tickets, unlike Universal Studios who charge for the same system. Not only this you can also plan more than one day at a time. We did all 4 days at Disney in one go. As long as you don’t go to another park on the same day you are able to do one day at a time. Should you change your mind and go on another day, you can easily update the choices on the APP. Once your FASTPASS + choices have been used on the day, Disney allows you to re-book more using their FASTPASS + kiosks located around the park. Another great option and reason to book your FASTPASS + experiences in the morning.

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