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Things I like about Wal-Mart - Orlando / Florida Guide

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In my last article I wrote about things I liked about another supermarket chain with many stores in Florida, Publix but this time I am going to write about another supermarket chain one that most people should be familiar with, Wal-Mart

Shopping at Wal-Mart is a whole different shopping experience for us British folks although Wal-Mart owns Asda in the UK this doesn’t really prepare us for the Florida Wal-Mart stores in any way shape or form

The first thing you notice about Wal-Mart is the sheer size of the stores, I mean they are massive as you pull up outside the store in the gargantuan sized car park no problems finding a space to park here
The next thing you notice is that there always is someone from Wal-Mart standing at the store entrance welcoming you even in the evening the only time I have never seen anyone there to welcome you through the door is after about 11pm, yes that right 11pm at night in fact you go to Wal-Mart at almost any time as most of them open all night long 24 hours a day. This is quite useful if you have not adjusted to Florida time and wake ready to go at 4 am.

Be prepared though if you go at night they will be filling up their shelves with new stock it’s amazing just how much stock there must sell you only realise when you see the army of store assistants moving pallet loads of goods around, this is big scale selling the original Hypermarket

OK so what do I particularly like about Wal-Mart. Well for number one it just has to be the choice I mean they stock a huge range of products, whether you want to buy a box of donuts, a ride on lawnmower or tyres for your car you can get them all and a lot more at Wal-Mart. The kids will love all the toys.
Not only the choices but the prices they can be really cheap for some stuff, their choice in toiletries is pretty good so if you arrive in Florida and you need any toiletries Wal-Mart is the place to go

One thing I particularly like is the bakery in Wal-Mart for some reason their Croissants are absolutely delicious , many other supermarkets have bakeries in them but for me the ones sold in Wal-Mart are the best taste and texture and are not to be missed

If you looking to do a big shop then Wal-Mart’s the supermarket for you as the sell lot of product in bigger packs than some of the other similar shops I like to think of it as a similar shop to the old Makro wholesale shops in the UK

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