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Shoneys for Everything - Orlando / Florida Guide

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I must admit Shoneys is one of our favourite places for breakfast but of course they are open all day and late into the evening so they are also a good place to go for other meals.

We go to the one on the 192 it is sandwiched in between Golden Coral and Sizzlers just before the left turn to the back road to Animal Kingdom. It is usually quite busy but there is more car parking at the rear of the restaurant.

We like to catch up with the news over breakfast so always make sure we have enough quarters to buy papers from the machines at the entrance. You can now also get English papers here.

As we enter we always look at and often pick up some of the many vouchers and discount books on the left and right in the Foyer.

As you wait for your server to show you to your table you are surrounded by little Shoney Bears in fact over the years we seem to accumulate a family of them at home from when the girls were little!

As in other restaurants we always ask for a table if possible rather than a booth. Servers appear to like to put up to 6 people in a booth and especially in a self service restaurant this can be uncomfortable and not too enjoyable meal jumping in and out of the booth as others get up to get their food.

Their breakfast which is usually about a dollar or two more than their competitors has a great selection with peaches, prunes, strawberries in juice as well as melon. Whilst the rest of us go for a hot breakfast my Mother always starts with this before going to the salad bar. Again there is a good selection her favourite along with the usual basic salad items are the peppers, cold chopped egg with a thousand island sauce topped up with whatever potato item is on the warm selection. The rest of us usually go for the standard bacon, sausage pancakes and egg although their chicken and rice are also delicious.

Breakfast finishes at 11 but if you are arrive just after this it is still on display and they are starting to put the lunch menu out, you can help yourself to both but I think they charge you an extra dollar.

If we are going to stay at our villa all day we often go out to their all you can eat lunch and spend an hour or more relaxing over this before returning to laze by the pool and have a light tea at home to complete our relaxing day. They leave the salad bar on at lunchtime and have a good selection of chicken, meats and vegetables as well as desserts.

In the last couple of years they have acquired a drinks licence so they have become more popular for dinners. They have a different theme for each night of the week for example there might be a Mexican Night. Friends of our really recommend the whole grilled fish they had here but I am not sure what night it was it might have been a Fish Night.

Whatever meal you have at Shoneys I hope you enjoy it.

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