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Red Wing Restaurant Groveland, FL, 34736 - Orlando / Florida Guide

Florida Guide > Dining

This small and friendly restaurant is a good 45-minute drive from Davenport and hence a good drive out and quite off the beaten track. Don’t let this put you off though as the food was really good and the experience turned out to be not only unique but as always in Florida extremely enjoyable.

The Red Wing restaurant, in Groveland, was recommended to us by a local Florida resident, which is usually a good start. The Red Wing advertises itself as ‘good food in a country setting’ and both I can confirm in my humble opinion for us was quite true. The building itself is an old family home and was actually built in 1948. The Red Wing restaurant has been reported to be a popular place for locals to meet and eat since then.

This isn’t really a place for anyone who might be offended by taxidermy, as the bar area is decorated by a number of stuffed birds and animals. The little dining room, where we chose to eat (as I believe that you can also dine in the bar area) is known as the Pheasant room. In addition there is also the Boar room. The names are all incidental really I am just trying to set the scene. This restaurant as you can already imagine is not you’re typical American diner, or indeed anything I had ever experienced in Florida before. The unusual hunting lodge décor added to the ‘different’ dining experience that we were looking for. However If I am to be completely honest with you the real reason we decided to pay the Red Wing Restaurant a visit was for my Husband. He was desperate to try the wild Boar that was reported to be regularly served there.

As you might have guessed by now the menu is unique to say the least. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. With unusual items such as fried Quail eggs for breakfast,

Lobster and Crayfish flatbread for lunch and a variety of items at dinner. Typical dinner delights to name but a few include Buffalo fried Frogs legs with blue cheese or fried green tomatoes for your appetiser. Or why not try a Green swap combo, Hunters platter or grilled Duck breast with butterflied Quail for your entree.

Also advertised on the Dinner menu was ‘fresh road kill’ and my husband could not help himself ask what road kill was on the menu that evening? Much to our surprise the helpful waitress stated that the Chef would happily cook whatever road kill we cared to bring in. She then of course started laughing indicating that this menu entry was a joke and a bit of fun. However absolutely nothing can replace the look of delight on my 4-year-old face when she was devouring her soft and juicy chicken wings. Although she couldn’t understand why they were served to her on a plate with an imitation Alligator head with his little red eyes and bright white teeth gleaming at her. Of course we did eventually tell her that her chicken nuggets were indeed Alligator tails and fortunately she enjoyed them just the same. I just wish I you see the picture of her we took at the time. The Desserts as expected were numerous and the Red Wing Restaurant has apparently the best fruit cobbler in town.

What was the wild Boar like I hear you all ask? Well actually my poor Husband never had the opportunity to eat any, unfortunately it wasn’t on the menu that night! However he was extremely happy with his delicious serving of hand cut steak and sides.

We all really enjoyed the experience something very different than our ‘normal dining’ experiences of Florida and we intend to return for a second and even third visit in the future. But next time we very much hope to satisfy my husbands craving for the wild Boar.

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