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Paradiso37 Part 2 - The food and drink - Orlando / Florida Guide

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This is the second part of my review of the Paradiso 37 restaurant and bar. So if you’re reading this article but have not yet seen the first part then now is the time to stop and have a look in the index where you found this text.

As I said in the earlier article the Paradiso 37 is both restaurant and bar. This is made fairly clear when you see the amount of floor space that is reserved around the bar area. They welcome people who only want drinks so you should feel pressured into buying any food if you have already eaten. As with most restaurants and bars in the Disney area the prices you pay reflect the location as much as the food and drink.

The decoration style is meant to reflect the many countries on the menu. However as there is little in the way to dampen the sound it can loud when it’s full. In this case if you have a large party it can be difficult to hear other people in your group. Also of a night they often have a lower level of lighting. If you right at the back on the upper level you may find this to dark and should ask for a different table before you are seated.

You know they want you to take the bar seriously when you see that the first four pages of the menu are reserved for alcoholic beverages.

The 37 varieties of tequila are just the start and if you like cold beer then this is the coldest I have found. The menu states that your beer will be served at 29 degs.

There is a good selection of both appetizers and entrees but if you want to try something different then skip the entrees and just make up a meal out of the appetizers section. This will let you try different tastes and even share them around so that you can pick a favourite for your next visit.

When we order drinks now after a number of visits then it’s still hard to decide between the special Frozen Margarita and the Mangled Margarita which is made up of layers of frozen margarita and Sangria. I like both these drinks on their own and putting them together like this on a hot day is truly inspiring.

As is common with most restaurants they do make seasonal changes to the menu. I cannot guarantee that the items below will be available but even if they are not present they often reappear at a different time of the year.

There are a number of ‘safe' items on the menu if you have members of your party who only like Hamburgers. The items below do not fall into that area.

The Central American Crazy Corn is well presented and enticing. The corn on the cob is fire roasted, then covered in a savoury spicy yellow pepper sauce and smothered in imported cheeses. You get six quarter-cob and plenty of cooked melted cheese on the bottom of the griddle. This is one to share.

The Chorizo and Beef Skewers are good and “serve 2” according to the menu. They consist of spicy chorizo skewers, marinated beef skewers, chimichurri pita bread, and onions. The beef was tender and full of flavour which does not always happen with type of meal.

The fish of the day is always worth a mention because of the different ways that it is presented. We have Salmon baked on a plank, Tilapia baked in a crispy paper and tuna crusted with a herb mixture.

Two other items worth a mention are the Argentinean Skirt Steak and the Columbian Style Whole Crispy Hen. The first is expensive but nice if you’re in the mood for a big meat meal. The second should be avoided unless you have magnifying glasses as it is the smallest hen I have ever seen.

We seem to finish up with one of two desserts, either the Churros or the Chocolate Stack. The Churros are type of light fried dough covered in cinnamon sugar and served with three different dipping sauces. The Chocolate Stack just about says it all, and it is very rich and creamy. You will defiantly need to have a coffee ready while you have one. You will find as you work your through that you get different flavour of chocolate as well as caramel in this one.

Well that a brief look at Paradiso 37 the only thing that now remains for me to say is Bon Appétit.

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