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Hints and Tips for Discovery Cove - Orlando / Florida Guide

Florida Guide > Discovery Cove

1. Get there early. They open at 7. 30 and if you are there soon after that you can park very close and have your pick of times for the additional attractions such as the dolphin swim and Sea Venture. You have paid a lot to be there so you might as well make the most of the day.

2. If you need prescription goggles pick them up on the way in as they only have a limited number of these. It helps if you know your prescription.

3. Don’t take anything extra with you. All food and drink is provided. Towels are provided. Special sun tan lotion is provided that does not harm the fish or dolphins.

4. Leave your jewellery at home. You will have to remove all jewellery except wedding rings and waterproof watches before your dolphin experience.

5. If you have swim shoes or beach shoes then take these. They are not essential, but the edge of the lagoon is quite rocky and I wished I had taken mine. I coped fine without them though.

6. Personally I don’t think it is worth spending money on a cabana for the day. There is so much to do that I don’t think you would spend very much time there. There are plenty of loungers all around the park and cold drinks and coffees are available all day. Probably only worth considering if there are quite a few of you and some people are not planning on being very active. You probably need to pick your spot though as some of them do not have a wonderful view.

7. Unless it is high summer you probably need a wetsuit. Allow plenty of time for getting it off or take a friend to help you. They are not elegant but they are practical.

8. Don’t be put off the dolphin experience if you are not a strong swimmer. It is possible to do the whole experience in shallow water.

9. You do not need to swim for Sea Venture – you just walk on the bottom of the lagoon.

10. Take an underwater camera for Sea Venture. They will lend you an underwater camera but will then charge a fortune for the photographs.

11. Do be punctual for any of the activities as they run to a schedule.

12. Visit the aviary first thing if this suits your programme as the birds are hungry then and they are more likely to approach you.

13. Even if you don’t want to swim with dolphins it is possible to have a wonderful time at Discovery Cove. It is a beautiful, well planned environment with plenty to see and do.

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