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Discovery Cove - Orlando / Florida Guide

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At first sight, the tickets for Discovery Cove are expensive, however, once you have experienced the day you will change your mind.

The day starts early, we arrived at around 9am, it was my youngest sons birthday present and he was really excited about swimming with the dolphins.

As you all know, the Americans are excellent at moving people and so the queue to book in and have you groups complimentary picture taken quickly dispersed with everyone getting a time for their dolphin swim and getting into the park to see what could be done while waiting. It is a full day at Discovery Cove with all meals included in the ticket price, and the food is good with lots of choice.

Enter the park and go and get your towels, wet suit top and snorkelling mask and snorkel, have a spot of breakfast and then got to the snorkelling pools, see the array of fish and rays swimming free around your legs and feet and snorkel with them looking at the amazing colours of the fish. Go into the stingray pool and feed them with shrimp, feel the sucking action of their mouths as they swim over your hand and take the food.

Perhaps go for a little lunch, again included in the ticket price and a good selection of hot and cold, whichever is your choice, and then it’s time for your swim with the dolphins.

Go to your pre arranged meeting point for your film presentation and safety talk, that is safety for the dolphins as you are not in any danger, and then, down to the dolphin pool.

The handlers take groups of around six people, and there are six groups in the pool at the same time, each with a handler and a dolphin. The handler shows various things about the dolphin giving a little bit of history about the animal that you are seeing; this in itself is very interesting. The handler demonstrates the intelligence of the dolphin and gives you instruction on what actions to do to make the dolphin perform. Their skin is surprisingly soft.

It is then time for you to swim with your dolphin, each of the group is taken into deeper water and the dolphin is called to your side, the handler instructs you how to hold the dorsal and side fin and the dolphin whisks you away to where you come from, fabulous. The dolphins then do some jumps and tricks and your time is all to quickly up, time to go back into the park and complete your day doing as you wish.

What a fabulous day, well worth the money and, as for us, we will do it again some time.

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