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Eating out in Orlando - Orlando / Florida Guide

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I thought I would compile a short document of eating out in Florida as we seem to learn about something new every time we go.

It is of course similar to eating anywhere in the world but you do see a lot of people just using their fork. Fingers come into use for Pizzas, Ribs, Lobster and Crab.

You soon learn that size matters and most meals are huge. Look at the portions being served at surrounding tables before you decide you can tackle a starter (appetizer) main course (entrée) and dessert. Many times we have been beaten when only having a main! If you order a large Pizza it really will be large probably enough to adequately feed 2 adults and 2 children. Of course the US is the home of the Doggy Bag so please do not be afraid to ask for one.

A good way to start the day for families is the All U Can Eat Breakfast. If we are heading for the Parks we usually have one of these then apart from drinks and a snack during the day find we do not need to eat again until dinner. The children can even finish their breakfast with a cake or ice cream a real holiday treat! Our personal favourites are Golden Coral by Premium Outlets of Shoneys on the 192.

For those that prefer to choose your breakfasts try Dennys. Here you can choose for a lot of “classic” combinations. Another thing to look out for in Florida is the vast variety of Omelettes but again beware they can be huge.

If you need a sugar fix during the day try Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Crème. You will find every variety you can ever think of.

Fans of fast food like burgers will find the usual McDonalds and Burger King but if you haven’t been to one before try Wendys. My mother would never dream of having a burger in the UK but always has one here.

Checkers is our favourite place for Hot Dogs; try their fully loaded Chili Cheese Dog.

Visitors who like Italian food will love Carrabas or Olive Garden. We really like both these restaurants they always start you off with delicious warm breads and oil to dip it in. They both get very crowded but as with most restaurants if you are adults and you are happy to do so there are usually seats at the bar for you to dine at.

Great steaks can be eaten at Longhorne Steakhouse or Outback. If you decide to order the Onion Hedgehog at the latter be sure there are four of you to share it! We have yet to go but guests at our villa enjoyed both Mannys and Charleys Steakhouse.

There are a few All U Can Eat Chinese Buffets but we have yet to find one we really enjoy.

Good Indian food can be had at the Indian Restaurant in the Berry Centre on the 27 although like most Indian Restaurants in Florida they can be more expensive than the UK.

Finally if you want quick service and a good selection try an All U Can Eat Dinner, these can be very useful during the first few nights when children especially are tired and just want to eat before dropping into their beds. There are many of these around.

Wherever you eat I hope you enjoy it.

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