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Canada: Montreal the old city - Part 3 - Orlando / Florida Guide

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A bit further south you start to leave the older European style buildings as you walk down St. Sulpice Street, this will lead you to the Place Royale and the Archaeology and History Museum Pointe-à-Callière which is set right above the birthplace of Montreal. In spite of its display the museum is very modern which is thanks to its architecture and interactive displays. When you have finished here then walk along the Old Port promenade and you will come to the Science Centre.

When you finish in the science centre you head out onto the cobble streets and walk along St. Paul Street. This is possibly the most picturesque and also the most popular street in the whole of Old Montreal. There is not much to do on the street except shop for souvenirs, all of which are made in China. The wonderful architecture is the real reason you are here, so look around to make the trip worth your while.

If you carry on walking you will find yourself on the beautiful Place Jacques Cartier which is named after one of the discoverers of Canada. There are a few reminders of modern day life but generally the Place Jacques Cartier makes you feel like you have gone back in time.

The Montreal Town Hall makes you think you might be in France. There is a good reason for this as it was modelled on the Tours Town Hall, near Paris. The building is well presented and fits its surroundings well it is in the process linking with a large green space that will let you connect easily to the nearby métro station. However if you keep going a short distance you will come across 18th century Château Ramezay, where you can learn even more about the history of Montreal and Quebec.

Now take a trip down St. Claude Street to the huge 150 year old Bonsecours Market which is a major piece of French-Canadian architecture. This is now the oldest and largest public market in Montreal. However don’t go there expecting to do your weekly shop as the days of fruit, vegetables and meat have long pasted. Like many similar places it is now home to cafés and boutiques.

Just a short distance away is the best chapel in the area, the Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours. It was built was built in 1771 and almost seems plain from the outside. Inside you can admire the painted ceilings and if you have strong legs climb all the way to the top of the bell tower. Here you get some of the best views over Old Montreal and downtown area.

The only thing left to say is enjoy yourself.

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