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Airlines are really moving the goal posts these days with all their changes to luggage allowances.

First they decided to start charging for extra luggage (if they can take extra luggage if you pay more, then it is not a matter of safety, just a money making racket).

Next they waited until we had all bought carry on baggage at the size they stipulated, then lo and behold, a few years later they reduced the size of the bags they would allow. Nice one, they must have been in league with luggage manufacturers.

So what can we do to fight back. I have a cunning plan!

If you are travelling to Florida for a week or two for a villa holiday to Disney, this is the first thing you must do. Make sure you choose a villa that has a washing machine, tumble dryer and iron and that provides all towels including pool towels, the majority of them do. Then lay out 4 or 5 days worth of items you wish to take. In your suitcase, place one pair of sandals or shoes - you will be wearing your walking shoes suitable for the parks on the plane. Then one or two pairs of shorts or skirts, one or two dresses or trousers, two or three t-shirts or shirts and your swim wear. For underwear and socks roll them up and put them in your shoes or use them to pack out the corners of the suitcase. Wear anything else you need, sun hat, light jacket etc.

That’s it.

Does not sound enough? Well, here is the clever part. I met a man who regularly travels only with one piece of hand luggage and without any underwear, socks or T-shirts. He takes one pair of each only, then on his first day he goes to Walmart and buys them all plus his toiletries there. It costs him very little and he launders them at his villa then throws them away at the end of the holiday.

Remember you will not need bulky towels as you would with a hotel holiday and you can wash and dry your clothes every few days. All your toiletries and sunscreens will be cheaper when you get to Florida so buy them at the local supermarket on your first day.

Nobody in Florida dresses up in the evening so that is another few outfits you will not need, shorts and T-shirts are the order of the day for day and evening dining, especially in Orlando. You will probably still be in the parks in the evening anyway.

So there you go, fool the airlines and have a hassle free flight.

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