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Qatar at a glance - Part 2 - Orlando / Florida Guide

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The Emir is the ruler of Qatar. Rule is hereditary, with power transferred from father to son. If no son is available, power is transferred to the person whom the Emir chooses within the Al Thani family. The Emir is the head of the constitutional authorities, holding both legislative and executive powers. The Emir appoints the prime minister and ministers. The council of ministers, the supreme executive authority in the country, assists in implementing the general policies of the State.

The constitutional development of Qatar has kept pace with the rapid development and economic growth of the country.

The Emir, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, assumed power on June 2013. The ruling Al Thani family was among a tribal group who had settled at the Gibrin oasis in Southern Najd before their arrival in Qatar during the early 18th century. Initially, they settled in Zubara in Nothern Qatar, moving to Doha in the mid-19th century. The family is a branch of the ancient Arab tribe, the Bani Tameem, whose descent can be traced back to Mudar bin Nizar.
The name Al Thani is derived from that of the family’s ancestor Thani Bin Mohammed bin Thani, who was the first sheikh to rule modern Qatar.

The national flag of Qatar is maroon with a broad vertical white stripe at the pole, the two colours being separated with a nine-point serrated line which indicates Qatar as the ninth member of the reconciled Emirates of the Gulf, after the 1916 Qatar British treaty. White signifies the internationally recognised symbol of peace. Maroon symbolises the bloodshed during the several wars that Qatar has undergone, particularly in the second half of the 19th century.

Qatar with proved gas reserves of nearly 900 trillion standard cubic feet in its North Field, and oil reserves of over 25, 2 billion barrels, has one of the fastest growing economies and the highest per capita income in the world. In just decades, Qatar has developed into a major global supplier of energy and is the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas and a world leader in gas to liquids production. While developing its huge hydrocarbon reserves, Qatar has also diversified its economy, and the emphasis is being placed on private-sector industrial development, education, health, sport and tourism. Investment laws allow for up to 100% foreign investment in many sectors including agriculture industry, leisure, tourism, health, education and the exploitation of natural resources, energy and mining- subject to dispensation from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. Together with Qatari partners, who hold a 51% interest, foreigners can invest in most other sectors subject to approval.

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