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Only in Orlando - Part 2 - Orlando / Florida Guide

Florida Guide > Miscellaneous

Where else in the world can you round the corner of a busy main street (Disney World) and come across an enormous steam ship with the paddles you remember from old western movies with even a gruff and deep male voice shouting, “All aboard” followed by the piercing whistle from the boat – only in Orlando!

Where else can you be walking down a street and be confronted by an upside down house (Wonder Works) only in Orlando!

Where else can you be minding your own business, having a quiet lunch and suddenly being confronted by a large Winnie the Pooh or giant size Mickey Mouse cavorting and playing with his friend Goofy – only in Orlando.

Apart from the huge wading birds which visit the villas, we personally and I expect many others , will never forget the visit from several gigantic Hogs. These look so funny and friendly as pumba in The Lion King, but trust me, there is nothing funny about the deep groves they can dig all round a garden looking for food – moles in the garden in England will never seem so big again.

Of course, golfers visiting for the first time are rather perplexed when told NEVER to look for their ball in the rough. Then it is explained to them that although this may be Orlando, the playground of the world and a golfers’ paradise, it is still the tropical Everglades where live, snakes, spiders and very large alligators. Let the ball go – it’s not worth it!

Of course, it is not only in Orlando where you can go to get a sun tan in the winter, but it is one of the best places to get a sun tan and have an awful lot of fun at the same time. If it doesn’t feel like Christmas to be hot, then just go to one of the parks or to the town of Celebration and it will snow to order.

Then conversely something you may NOT expect to see in Orlando is FROST, but during the last few years there have been much more unusual weather conditions due to climate change.

And finally, you will see the most amazing sun sets any where in the world – only in Orlando.

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