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Key West and Turtle Point Part 1 - Orlando / Florida Guide

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I love the leisurely pace of Seaworld and soon after entering the Park we always stand for some time and watch the beautiful flamingos in their little shallow pool. As with many of the attractions at Seaworld there is usually a guide standing alongside it who will answer any questions the visitors care to ask.

If it is hot and you have a yearning for some ice-cream I recommend that you stop off at the Dippin’ Dots stall along the way. My parents have annual passes for Seaworld and one of the advantages of these is that you receive a 10% discount on all their refreshments.

You will also pass a Caricature unit, we have had varying success with these once we had an absolutely terrific one and another time had one done that did not remotely resemble the child. I am not sure but I think the prices they charge seem to vary depending on how busy the Park is

Now onto Turtle Point, where there are three different species of rescue turtles which are kept in a shallow sea water pool. The species are loggerhead, hawksbill and green sea turtles; the information board beside the pool will help you identify them.

Then we go to Key West which is not so much an attraction more a collection of stalls and aquatic features.

Younger children are usually delighted when they enter Key West because one of the first things they see is the Face painting and Tattoo stall. Very few parents seem to manage to pass by without being lured in here. There is a large board at the side with illustrations of all the face painting available and the painters will vary these slightly if you ask them to do so. In busy holiday periods you have to be prepared to wait here although like many other things in the Park if you want go there while Shamu is on the wait is not so long. The little girls love sitting on their high chairs whilst their faces are painted.

Not to be outdone there is also a selection of temporary tattoos for the boys although often you see the girls, Mothers and Fathers also having these done! There is a seating area behind this that my Father often sits in the shade in whilst our girls get their paces painted and the tattoos applied. Before sitting there he usually goes to the Key West Market stall and buys a cold drink to have as he patiently waits! They have a good selection of drinks here as well as ice cream; the 10% discount also applies.

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