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How to stop sea sickness – Part 1 - Orlando / Florida Guide

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Nothing ruins a journey to an island paradise like the onset of motion sickness however there are ways to help you combat this before it strikes.

Motion sickness is your body’s expression of confusion. The brain likes the signals it receives to complement each other and, when they don’t, nausea and vomiting ensue. Motion sickness occurs when the signals arriving in the brain from the eyes are at odds with the input from the balance organs in the inner ear. Blocking out one input can help suppress the problem. Motion sickness medications effectively sedate the part of the brain dealing with motion detection, thereby stopping the conflict of signals by suppressing detection of movement by the organs of the inner ear. Although there are other ways which I have found to be better. They even worked through 30ft waves on a cruise ship in the Atlantic.

The first question to answer is am I susceptible? Most individuals vary greatly in their susceptibilities, but almost everyone feels unwell in extreme environments, such as on very rough seas. The Antarctic Ocean is a classic example or the North Sea on a flat bottom supply vessel which bobs on the waves rather than cut through them. Motion sickness is rare in children under the age of two but very common in older children. The peak age for this to strike is between three and 12 years; thereafter many youngsters grow out of it. The trouble is that by the time this they have a learned experience which means they often do not want to go on any type of vessel again. Women suffer almost twice as much as men, in the ratio of 1. 7 to 1. Strangely people can even experience motion sickness if they are not really moving but perceive that they are. This can happen in a flight simulator, a motion simulator in a theme park or even at the cinema, although fortunately, the usual response is passing queasiness rather than vomiting. Some adults are especially sensitive to motion but there is also a lot of psychological conditioning. If you vomited on a previous journey and encounter a smell or sensation that reminds you of that experience, such as the smell of an airline meal then nausea can start even before you have moved anywhere. This scenario is perhaps most likely to respond to positive conditioning or telling your stomach it is acting unreasonably.

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