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Goa - Part 1 - Orlando / Florida Guide

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Goa is the rebel beach escape that became trance central for a generation, these days there is a much sharper scene but one that remains defiantly independent.

Goa is a former Portuguese colony isolated in British India, now is India’s Latin Quarter. It is tolerant and they accept many different types of people. Where India has gaudy temples and adobe villages, Goa haswhitewashedd hunches and crumbling Portuguese homes.

A tiny island, known locally as Watólofu, is about 5km east of the mainland. It has a lighthouse that was built during the 1870s, and is today run by a lighthouse keeper and his family, who have lived on Goa for more than 20 years. The lighthouse is now solar powered and according to the keeper, the batteries give out about 1am. You can climb to the top for views. Below is a lovely beach. The island’s name comes from its position on the sea route from Goa, which was the base for the Portuguese Mozambican government between 1509 and 1662.

Boat charter to the island costs from Mtc1000 for four passengers; check with your hotel for a reliable captain. Be prepared for choppy seas, and tidal limits on the length of time you can spend on the island. Allow about 40 minutes one way with favourable winds and currents; in unfavourable conditions, allow at least double this.

You should take a trip to Dudhsagar which is quite amazing as you will be surrounded by nature. You will be away from the noise of cities. On the way, you will come across so many smaller waterfalls that are quite fascinating. You can go in the day and come back by evening. You start early in the morning and by evening you can find yourself relaxing in your hotel room. The whole experience of Dudhsagar waterfalls is out of the world. In your everyday busy schedule, you can’t find time out to relax but this trip soothes your mind.

Like any self-respecting Latin quarter, this place is full of people who have escaped the past. If you believe them you will find runaways, romantics, bohemians, accountants on the run and socialites seeking siestas. Everyone seems to have some story of throwing off the shackles of their old life for the sea breezes of Goa.

Your trip to Grand Island becomes more interesting when you watch twisting and dancing dolphins in Goa’s Arabian Sea. This is an experience which you will cherish for your life.

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