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Getting married in Las Vegas part 4 - Orlando / Florida Guide

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Unusual Weddings

This could be the hardest section to write as when you deal with Las Vegas and weddings defining ‘unusual’ can be quite hard.

Many of the chapels in Las Vegas do try to offer something different or unique to separate them from the rest. The Little White Chapel has a reputation of hosting rather different weddings. If you have just met the love of your life and have decided that you must get married this is the place for you. Just drive to the county office for your licence, jump back in the car and go to the Drive-Up Wedding Window. Here, just like fast food, you can exchange vows without leaving the front seat of your car. No appointment is needed as the window offers a 24 hour service in both senses of the word. They have also taken this concept out of the chapel to offer a “Weddings on Wheels” service. A minister from the chapel will travels to wherever the happy couple want and then perform the ceremony. They have then taken this idea one stage further and work with a hot-air balloon company to offer airborne marriages. The balloon floats above the Las Vegas sky while the minister preforms the service.

In Las Vegas offering a range of themed weddings is fairly standard so if this is something you want to do you will have plenty of choice. The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is possibly the busiest as it normally does about 20 themed ceremonies every day. It says that its most popular wedding package is the Blue Hawaii. This comes complete with a tropical set, dancing hula girls, theatrical fog, and of course, a singing Elvis. If this is not exotic enough for you then there is an Egyptian wedding, where King Tut performs the service.

Still not enough for you? Then how about a Camelot wedding, The Excalibur Chapel extends its King Arthur’s castle theme into the chapel, where couples can dress in medieval outfits with Merlin the Magician conjuring up the service. What you do with your (K)nights is up to you.

Viva Las Vegas chapel also has a hotel that complements its themed weddings. It has a Blue Hawaii Room which is decorated with tropical plants, thatched huts, bamboo shades, palm trees, and the scent of coconuts. If you are into horror, zombies and the macabre then try the Gothic Room that has headstones for headboards on the bed and a coffin for a bathtub. Another over-the top room is the Gangster Suite, which has a mural of Al Capone’s bar, a closet that resembles an elevator with the image of a bound and gagged bell boy inside, and mirrors made to look like bank teller cages.

Many of the resorts offer weddings that tie into their overall theme. So the canals at The Venetian are used for some of wedding ceremonies. They can be performed on a gondola or on one of the bridges that span the waterways.

Unusual weddings can also take to the air as I have already said. Some companies have done this by moving the whole service out of, or over, Las Vegas. They do this with their helicopter wedding packages.

The couple are flown above the Strip at night, where the service is performed by an airborne minister. The wedding photos are quite different as you have views of Las Vegas’s Eiffel Tower, the Luxor’s pyramid, and the fountains at the Bellagio in the background.

However if I had to choose one then I have left the best till last. This package takes the couple via helicopter for a ride through the Grand Canyon; here they are set down on the floor of the canyon, next to the Colorado River. The couple exchanges vows on the riverbank, and are then flown back to their hotel.

If you thinking of getting married in Las Vegas I hope this series of articles has helped you and I wish you the best of luck.

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