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From Gizmo City to the gift shop. - Orlando / Florida Guide

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And so on to the second part of an on depth look at The Museum of Discovery and Science.

Today we are going to look at Gizmo City, The Great Gravity Clock, Living in the Everglades and Florida Ecoscapes.

Gizmo Gity is devoted to finding out how things work. The exhibit that stands out in my mind is the one that allows you to lift a 400 pound block of concrete. How can that be done, you ask? Well you will have to go and see!

The Great Gravity Clock is an impressive 52 feet tall and is the largest kinetic energy sculpture in Florida. You tell the time by counting balls. . . yes really.

A ball rolls onto the tilted rail every minute, every 10 minutes and every hour. So it is (so to speak) a digital clock) Gravity causes the balls to move.

So, if there are 4 balls on the top and 5 balls in the middle and 8 balls on thye bottom the time is 6 minutes to 9.

Living in the Everglades is an exploration of the eco system. If you have taken a tour of The Everglades then you almost certainly will have been told how delicate it all is.

Work is being done to remedy this and they have now drained approximately 50% of it. This museum has been appointed to tell the Everglades story and to show the public what has been done and what needs to be done.

And following on a similar theme the next display is Florida Ecoscapes. This is an exhibit that is on 2 levels and features hundreds of plants and animals.

Something to note is that they have one of the largest pieces of living coral in the World.

And I am sitting here pondering, I always hated science at school; now if there had been museums like this in my day, would it have opened my eyes to its' many wonders?

Before you leave the museum, be sure to visit their gift shop. This is a cut above many attraction gift shops and has a wide range of treats to purchase.

Obviously profits made from the shop help to run the museum so all in a good cause as well.

Museum of Discovery and Science
401 South West second street
Fort Lauderdale

TEL 954 467 6637
FAX 954 467 0046

This museum is open 365 days a year.

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