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First visit to Publix Supermarket Part Two - Orlando / Florida Guide

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First visit to Publix Supermarket Part Two

Carrying on from the first part of my review of Publix Supermarket we have visited the salad and vegetable area of the shop and chosen a salad dressing from the vast array of choice, next you’re faced with the dairy area

When your shopping in a foreign country some of the terms used are always a bit weird and with the wide range of choice its can be difficult to choose exactly what you need, the choice of butter and cheese is huge although a lot of the cheese tends to be of the processed variety unlike the cheese in the UK I would say that the cheese is the only food that is better in Britain, although if you buy sharp cheese, it is quite like our cheddar.

Look for the low in trans fats this term is not used in the UK but basically Trans Fats are the nasty animal fats that you need to avoid for a healthy life, another big difference is bacon it is totally different from what we tend to buy in the UK but I have to say I am a big fan of the bacon they sell at every breakfast buffet almost everywhere, very crispy streaky bacon.

Soon you are in the crisps and savoury snacks area of Publix and boy now you are overwhelmed with choices of crisps or chips as they call then in the USA, some look very much like or crisp a favourite brand being Lays or the ever popular Pringles which are a whole lot cheaper in the Florida shops.

One thing that hits you straight away the Dips, there are jars of dips everywhere in the savoury snacks isle some of the flavours being a little outlandish for our British palettes, but give them a try, you might be pleasantly surprised!

On to the beer Isle…. well what can I see being a beer aficionado there is lots and lots of choice including all the standard if a little boring beers such as Budweiser etc. , but there also the speciality beers like the wheat beers, make sure you check out the blue moon which should be served with a huge slice of orange floating in it

There are lots of beers from microbreweries featuring lots of weird name and themes it like heaven for beer lovers like me something to look forward to going shopping choosing a new beer to try brews like Kilians Wild Honey or Yeungling

I got so excited and a bit confused with the choice trying to decide which beer to get, and my wife realised when we got back to the villa that I had bought some non alcoholic beer …. DOH

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