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Alternative Shopping for Golfers - Orlando / Florida Guide

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When your partner doesn’t play golf and you do, and you are in the wonderful world of Orlando, Florida…. how do you get to satisfy both peoples’ need to go shopping without boring each other?

Mile 75 on the I4 houses the answer. A fantastic, glittering shopping mall called the ‘Mall at Millenia’ and over the road from it is Golfsmiths golf shop.

Mall at Millenia houses all the great names such as Macys, Bloomingdales, Apple, Tiffany’s, Jimmy Choo, Abercrombie & Fitch and on and on. It also has a couple of Starbucks a wonderful Cheesecake Factory and many more great eating establishments.

I am not qualified to explain further on serious mall shopping opportunities as I am not allowed out on my own to shop in normal shops. However, when it comes to shopping in golf shops, I am an expert.

Golfsmiths has everything you need to spend a wonderful hour or two or three or more exploring the intricacies of your golf swing.

Let’s start on the active stuff…. .

They run lessons on club making, gripping and maintenance. You can book in advance and learn how to re-grip your clubs. My first one took me 20 minutes. The second took me 8 minutes and the rest took me about 2 minutes each. I bought the grips I wanted at great prices and using my own labour managed to re-grip my complete set for $56 or about £30 in my money. At home, with the grips I chose, that would cost me about £100, so quite a saving.

Next…. they have four bays that all have the equipment that analyses your swing plane, angle of attack, swing speed etc and the lads in the shop are keen to offer tips as they pass by to improve your penetration, distance and direction. I can, and have, spent hours here – it’s great.

We haven’t even spoken yet of the enormous range of clubs, balls, clothes and kit they have in stock in all sizes and price ranges.

When you have finally finished and have decided what you want to buy don’t forget to ask for a good discount and also for some introductory vouchers to the local golf courses.

Then you can meander off across the road to the Mall at Millenia and sit either in Starbucks or The Cheesecake Factory and wait for your partner to finish their shopping.

I have spent many a long hour enjoying Golfsmiths and I strongly recommend them to you.

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