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Alamo and National Kiosks - Florida and US Car Hire FAQ (Domestic Customers Only)

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The kiosks can be used with Alamo and National bookings only and are a way to avoid any wait at the desk when you collect your car.

Rather than having to line up and wait at the rental counter, you simply go to one of the touch-screen kiosks near the counter and complete your booking.

Yes, we have a special contract with Alamo allowing non US-residents (e.g. UK, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, Brazil or residents of any other country) to use the kiosks.

The only requirement is that you book your rental car from our website (other agents do not have access to the kiosks). 

Yes, you can but if it is over 30 days you will have to go to the counter, due to additional contracts that have to opened at the time of collection.

If you would like to use the Alamo or National kiosks, then you must use a credit card for your security deposit. If you only have a debit card then you will not be able to use the kiosks, and will need to go to the rental counter. Also bear in mind that if you are using a debit card then you must also show your return flight ticket.

US driving licenses have a bar code which can be scanned directly by the kiosk. If you do not have a US driving license,choose the option to enter your driving license number manually. You will then be prompted to enter your license number using the key pad on the kiosk.

Yes, you can use the kiosk to add additional drivers. You will be prompted to enter the license details of each driver.

Once you have completed the process, the kiosk will print out your rental agreement.

Once you have completed the process at the kiosk, walk to the clearly signed Alamo or National parking lot as applicable. You can then choose any car you like from the category you have booked. Make sure you do not pick a car in a higher car class as you will be charged for an upgrade. The cars are parked in very clearly marked rows for each available category. 

The kiosks are very easy to use, but if you have any problems, then there are always several staff members on duty that can assist you. If the staff member on duty informs you that the kiosks are only for US residents, then please ask to speak to the manager on duty. Customers outside the USA booking through other agents are not allowed to use the kiosks, so sometimes Alamo or National staff members may not immediately realise you are one of our customers. Once you speak to a manager, then they will better assist you.

No, Alamo / National do not allow the use of the kiosk if you have booked on the Young Driver Package.