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Booking Procedure - Florida and US Car Hire FAQ

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No. We just need the name of the lead driver. All other drivers just need to go to the rental desk when you collect the vehicle. It is important that the name you enter as the lead driver on the booking is as it appears on your driving license. You must include your first initial and last name as a minimum.
Full payment is required by 8 weeks prior to the collection date. If you are booking more than 8 weeks in advance then you can just pay a deposit to reserve your vehicle at the current price. We will email you when your balance is due so you can submit payment on our secure server.
We accept Visa credit / debit cards, Master Card and Switch. Unfortunately we can not accept American Express or Visa Electron.
Once your full payment has been received we will send you voucher via email. 
You can order on-line using this site 24 hours a day.
Once you have collected your car, to arrange an extension you will need to do this with the car rental company directly. Note, this can work out very costly, so it is often better to return the car as planned then take out a new rental through our site for the additional days.
If you booked in advance of 8 weeks prior to your booking, you will have paid only a deposit (unless you specifically asked to pay in full).

Approximately 8 weeks before your collection date, we will email you to request you make your balance payment using our secure server online. 

Once your balance has been paid, your voucher will be emailed to you. If you have not received your voucher by this time, email us, quoting your order number, so we can follow this up. It may be that your balance has been taken and voucher has been emailed, but possibly lost in a spam folder.

Yes. When you make your booking, you can choose to pay in full at the time of payment.

Including your flight number on your booking means that in the event your flight is delayed, then the rental company will know your new estimated arrival time and hold your reservation for you. Many depots are open 24 hours so this is less of an issue, but some smaller locations close late evening or early hours of the morning.

If your flight is delayed and they have your flight number then the location should remain open until your flight arrives and all bookings have been processed. This still does not guarantee the depot will remain open beyond normal open hours, so if you are very late arriving and you are not able to collect your car as a result, then you would need to make alternate arrangements until your are able to collect your car. In most cases, your airline or travel insurance should assist with associated costs.

If you do not know your flight number at the time of booking, this is not a problem. You can add this at any time by contacting us with your order number and flight number, then we can add it to your voucher. For collections from certain locations, the flight number is not used.

If you are age 21-24 then you can save money on the young drivers surcharge. Doing this, you can have up to 3 drivers age 21-24 plus additional drivers age 25 and over (to a maximum of 4 drivers in total). There will then be no additional surcharges for the young drivers on collection of the car. Without this, each young driver will have to pay $25 + tax per day on collection of the car, so this is a much cheaper way of booking.

To select YDP, click the "Include Young Driver's Package" box on the main quote page. On your quote, only Alamo will be displayed and the price will include the underage surcharge for up to 3 young drivers.

The YDP is only available on the Gold option, so if you chose the Silver option the quote will automatically be updated to the Gold option.

On the booking form, one of the Young Driver's must be named as the lead driver. That driver must have a credit card in their name to use as security on collection of the car.

No, there is no surcharge for booking by credit (or debit) card.

When you place your order, payment will be taken by our supplier once your car has been confirmed as available. Depending on the type of car ordered and the time of day and the date of collection, this can be the same day or within 2-3 working days.

If for any reason your payment is declined, we will notify you by email and ask you to provide new card details. If this happens, your reservation is still secure up to 3 days prior to collection.

When you place an order on our website, your order is sent to our supplier for confirmation of availability of the car you have requested.

Once the supplier (Alamo, National or Dollar) have confirmed there is a car available for you, then the payment will be taken. If the supplier does not have availabliity then you will be notified and your order will not be processed. You will then be able to select a different car type.

If the car is confirmed as available and payment taken, and your voucher issued, then if on arrival the supplier does not have the car type then they will offer you a free upgrade to the next car category.