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Dollar Express - Florida and US Car Hire FAQ (Domestic Customers Only)

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Dollar Express (sometimes known as Dollar Fast Lane) is a free service offered by Dollar Rent a Car.

Dollar Express members are able to use a dedicated queue on arrival which can significantly speed up your car collection. When you sign up for Dollar Express, your license, credit card and personal details are all taken meaning the processing of your voucher on arrival is a lot faster.

Note that Dollar Express is offered by Dollar, not by us, so is subject to use and availability depending on the collection location as determined by Dollar.

You sign up for Dollar Express directly on Dollar''s website using the link below:


Here are some basic notes to help you with the form:

  • Click the Green ''Join Now'' button
  • Read the Terms and Conditions then click the ''Agree'' button
  • Click the green ''I Consent'' button if you agree to the Enrolment terms
  • Enter your personal information as requested. Note the phone number format. If for example your UK number is 01244 123456 then you must remove the leading zero and enter your number as 124-412-3456. Click ''Continue'' once you have completed this page.
  • Enter your ''Mailing'' address then click ''Continue''
  • For Business name, just type ''none'', and leave the address details blank. Enter your phone number as per the note above, then click ''Continue''
  • For ''Type of Vehicle Preferred'' you can select anything in here as it is not relevant. Type in your driving license number. If not all characters will fit in the box provided, just enter as much as you can. Enter the expiration date of your license. Note, this is in US format, so mm/dd/yyyy. Enter your date of birth as requested, again in US format, then click ''Continue''
  • Enter your credit card type, number and expiry date then click ''Continue'' (there is no need to enter more than 1 card number).
  • Leave the ''Travel Partners'' form blank and click ''Continue''
  • On the final form, it is important to decline the following as they are all included in both our Silver and Gold options as standard: LDW, SLI, UMP. Also, since personal insurance should already be included in your travel insurance then decline PAI/PEP. If you have booked or are booking our Silver option then accept pre-paid fuel (as you must pay Dollar for this locally). If you have booked on our Gold option then decline pre-paid fuel. Enter your email address then click ''Continue'' to complete the process.

Once you have signed up, it takes around 3 days for Dollar to email you an Express ID number. 

Many of the Dollar locations have a separate queue clearly signed for Express members to use. The Dollar staff will always take customers from the Express Queue ahead of the regular Queue.

Some depots (e.g. Sanford Airport) do not have a separate queue so you just need to make yourself known to a member of staff and they will escort you to the front of the regular queue.

Note that certain locations do not always accept use of Dollar Express on pre-paid vouchers.

Once you complete the sign-up process it takes around 3-4 days for you to receive your Express ID number from Dollar.
We recommend taking your card with you although it is very unlikely Dollar will ask to see it. The card is posted to you after you join Dollar Express and can take anywhere from 1 - 10 weeks to arrive. In the event you are asked to show your Express ID card and it had not arrived at your home address by the time you left for your trip, then just explain this to the Dollar staff. What is of real importance is that your Express ID has been added to your voucher by us.
No, just the lead driver as named on your voucher.
If you have already joined Dollar Express and have an Express ID number, simply state it in the space provided on the order form when ordering your Dollar car from us.
Dollar Express must be added at the time of booking. If you sign up with Dollar Express after you have booked with us, you will need to cancel your order then re-book, adding your Express ID at the time of booking. Note, when you rebook, you will be rebooking on the current quoted price, the the cost may be higher or lower than your original booking.